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marzo 28 @ 14:00 - marzo 31 @ 16:00



Led by
Bodhi Sambhava & Fernando Manrique
(SkyDancing Tantra® teachers)

Modern life triggers mental, emotional and physical tensions, consumes our life energy and
makes us unhappy. Through it we might also lose our natural and ecstatic flow disconnecting
from ourselves, the people around us, from life and from the world.
How can we reconnect with our “inner fire”? How can we embody again what we really are?
How can we flow and radiate in daily life?
Aqua‐Tantra® may be the answer!
Aqua‐Tantra® is a new holistic approach answering the questions of life and existence, based
on waterwork, Tantric (SkyDancing®) practices and others.
Through tantric, body, breathe and other energetic practices in water and on land, we become
aware of who we really are. We reconnect with our body and our deep cellular memories embodying our original fluidity and ability to let go. We consciously awake our vital energy, connecting
with it transforming and harmonizing the physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual
aspects of our being. We find and reactivate our strength, steadiness and our natural flow
re‐experiencing our own ecstatic potential and inner harmony.
Aqua‐Tantra® might open for you the paths to achieve a fulfilled life, to relate with your beloved,
others and the world, as well as to find your own answers to aspects in your daily life.

This seminar bring the aspects of inner and outer polarity, fluidity and abandon (explored on
our previous seminars) together. Unconditionally deepening in your natural flow in‐ and outside
the body with love, trust and confidence in yourself and in life, the conscious unity of these
with the complementary aspects of being and of the outside world, you might touch unknown
levels of your own existence.
We intend to:
 Deepen the practices of inner flow with yourself and the all‐present love
 Experience the connection and union of the polarity aspects within yourself
 Invite you to explore the power of abandon yourself as a unified self with life aspects
 Consciously explore the unity with and sharing of love repeating practices on earth and
in‐side water in pairs and as a group
 Create a conscious awareness of your own flow in relationships in your daily life through
rit‐uals, meditations and sharings
This is an advanced Aqua‐Tantra® seminar for those who attended at least one of the previous
ones (“Double Polarity” and “Fluidity and Abandon”). We maintain a gradual, relaxing and sensorial
approach on land and in water framed in an atmosphere of trust, security, respect, gentleness
and warmth.

In collaboration with SkyDancing Tantra® U.S. and E.U. created by Margot Anand, our seminar
also fulfils the initial requirements of their Love and Ecstasy Trainings (L.E.T.). For more information
view www.tantraskydancing.com
Language: Our seminars are usually bilingual with support in translator. Frequently used languages
(depending on location) are English, French, it could be Spanish, Italian also.
Information and registration: This seminar is organized by Usoffiu Association (France). For
further information and to register please contact: For more information write to info.acquacadabra@gmail.com

Bodhi Sambhava discovered Watsu® and Tantra 20 years ago. She became a professional
Watsu and Healing Dance® practitioner specialized in un‐conscious cellular
memory work. As a certified SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher II, she led workshops
in Europe and Mexico. Bodhi is the founder of Aqua‐Tantra®. As she
explains her motivation: «I was amazed by the magic of Tantra and wanted
to share all what it brought to me connecting Tantra with the fluidity of
Fernando Manrique trained around the world as a medical doctor and specialized in psychiatry,
psychotherapy, public Health and applied ethics. Trained in different meditation
and ancient spiritual traditions (Lomilomi, Romiromi, Shamanism),
body and breathe work, he certified as meditation facilitator (Uta Institute),
tantric massage Healer (C.H.A.I.) and SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher
II. He practices Vajrajana Buddhism, Taoism and Tantra since 2008 and
facilitates as well as teaches at several platforms in different European
countries and in Morocco.
Organisator :Johann Azuelos ‐ contact@aquatantra.com


marzo 28 @ 14:00
marzo 31 @ 16:00
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