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The Natural Surroundings, Organic Vegetable Garden & Greenhouse

The beauty of Sasseta Alta is its deep connection with the surrounding countryside. Our philosophy has been to harmonise with the natural environment and encourage our guests to enjoy the hidden treasures the surrounding countryside offers.

An ancient Mediterranean oak woodland surrounds the farm and contains many paths for gentle walks and mountain biking. The woodland has several natural springs containing cool drinkable water. The presence of these springs has created a micro-climate that supports lush vegetation including wild herbs, wild flowers and other classic Mediterranean flora.
Throughout the hottest summer months the woodland is a cool haven for people and wildlife. During a walk in the woodland you may glimpse, roe deer, hare, tortoise and porcupine. You are also likely to find the tracks of wild boar.

The gardens around the farmhouse have been planted with a variety of Mediterranean plants and flowers which blossom at different times of the year which provide colour and scent all year round. The water lilies in the bio-lake produce a beautiful floating floral display as well as functioning as a natural water purification system.

The Organic Vegetable Garden & Greenhouse:

Using our own organically grown produce in the bio-restaurant is an important part of our hospitality. Our produce is grown in traditional ways using organic techniques throughout each stage of growth. In addition, we have a heated greenhouse where an organic method of synergic permaculture is used. This is based on growing perennial plants alongside seasonal plants which in turn enables these differing plants types to support the growth of the other.

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